Here at Emmett's Marine we carry Alweld, Duracraft, Havoc, War Eagle, Tracker, and Ambush. We also carry Mercury, Yamaha, and Tohatsu, outboard motors. We specialize in custom ordered boats.

2019 ProGator

ProGator 180V with a Mercury 150hp ProXS 4 Stroke! 

Alweld 1448 VV Jon 

This has a single rear seat with a short transom. Stock # 60G819

Alweld 1548 VV Marsh

This boat hqas a short transom, trolling motor wires and bracket, aerated livewell, bilge, transducer bracket, locking deck storage, lights, 4 cleats, 2fishing seats, long transom and non skid flooring. Stock # 92G819

2020 Alweld 1548 Jon

     This open boat has an open floor plan, lights, trolling motor bracket and wires, with a short transom. Stock # 61G920


Alweld 1652 DSLW

This boat is plain with a long transom. Stock # 45A919


Alweld 1648 VV Jon

Single seaqt package with long transom. Stock # 58G819

Alweld 1656 LF Flat Marsh

     Console is not included. This is a rear pod seating model with an open floor, locking deck storage, running lights, performance tunnel, stepped pontoons, 4 cleats, non skid, with a long transom. Stock # 11f920


Alweld 1756 VV Marsh

This is a side console model with locking front deck storage, tunnel and pontoons, aerated livewell, bilge, non skid, ong transom 4 cleats, and 2 fishing seats. Stock # 87G819

Alweld 1752 Flat Marsh

This one comes with center console, aerated livewell, blige, long transom, 4 cleats, in khaki. Stock # 74J819


Alweld 1656 Flat Marsh

2020 Alweld 1656 flat marsh with locking deck storage, tunnel, and pontoons. This boat is rated for a 50 long transom. Stock #193H920

Alweld 1752 Flat Marsh

2019 Alweld 1752 Flat Marsh. Center Console with livewell and locking deck storage. Stock #674J819

Alweld 1656 VVMarsh

2020 Alweld 1656 VVMarsh with trolling motor wires and bracket. Comes with 2 seats and is rated for a 50hp. Stock #493G920

Alweld 2020 1760 Flat

     Center console with 4 cleats, aerated livewell, performance tunnel, stepped pontoons, seat pad on livewell, non skid, long transom, in Khaki. Stock # 54G920

Alweld 1756 VVMarsh

2020 Alweld 1756 VVMarsh CC rated for a 70hp. Boat has bilge pump, livewell with cushion, and a leaning post. Stock #494G920

Alweld 2020 1652VV Marsh

     This boat has locking deck storage, seat pad on livewell, transducer bracket, bilge, aerated livewell, direct fill tank, non skid, 2 gray seats, 4 cleats, pontoons, and a center console. Stock #92G920



2020 Crestliner 18 Bay

     This Bay has a Merc 115 Pro XS, an aluminum trailer, silver accent, hydrolic steering, bluetooth radio and speakers, Helix 7, Minnkota Riptide, 2 bank charger, and auto bilge. Stock # 92H920 Priced at 30650.00 


2020 1032 or 1040 Crestliner Jon

     Just got in some little pond boats. We have a Tan and Green 1032 for 780.00 each. Also a Tan and Green 1040 for 790.00 each. 

Crestliner CXF17

Crestline CXF17. This is a nice open boat it is 17ft boat with a 90hp Mercury on the back! Stock #193H920

2020 Crestliner 1660 Retriever

This is a great boat for the Pearl River! It has a forward console to distribute the weight perfectly. It's rated for a 65 Jet. Stock # 65B020. Shadowgrass Stock #13K920

Crestliner 2020 1860 Center Console

    This boat comes with lots of storage, leaning post, Mercury prerig, windshield, auto bilge, Horn, and tie downs in Mossey Oak camo. Stock # 68G920

Duracraft 1542 DD

This boat is in Avery Buckbrush with treadplate floor, 30" gunbox as aerated livewell on left, another 30" gunbox on right, foot trolling motor bracket with wiring, running light package, and stetson seats. Stock # 27D919

Edge 553 DB 

This boat has a long transom, high deck, digital camo, non skid, gun box, gun tray, rear deck lid, front deck lid, trolling motor wires, recessed switch panel, bilge and interior green lights. Stock # 30C919

Edge 963  Center Console

    This boat has a Mercury Pre rig, console tach and fuel guage, non skid, removable front deck, LED light bar,  trolling motor wires, 4 seat bases, and a bilge. Stock # 42F920

2019 Havoc 1756 SC

This boat is rigged with trolling motor and deep finder in the dash. Has a 90hp Mercury 4 Stroke on the back.

2019 Havoc 1756 SC

This boat is rigged with a trolling motor and depth finder in the console. Boat also has carpet. Has a 90 hp Mercury 4 Stroke on the back.


Havoc 1553 River Rat

This is as fast as they come and you can make it whatever you want. We can paint it out for you ar you can make it your own. 

Mako Skiff 17ft

This boat comes with a Mercury 75ELPT with hydrolic steering, Hook 5 fishfinder, Minnkota 55lb thrust trolling motor, and spare. Stock# 56B919

Nitro Z17 

This boat comes witha Mercury 115 Pro XS, hydrolic steering, Motor Guide X3, Hook 7 in bow, Hook 7 bow, 2 bank charger, retractable tie downs, and aluminum wheels. Stock # 44B919

2020 Nitro Z18

    This head turner comes with Mercury Pro XS, tandem axle trailer, hydrolic steering, Minnkota Maxum, Hook 2 in dash, 2 Bank charger, and tilt steering. Stock # 06K920 Asking 34375.00

2019 Progator 154-S

     This crappie rig offers safty and stability. It comes with a 2 captains chairs with arms, non skid flooring, livewell and rodbox, aerator, bilge pump, and running lights. Stock # 01G919

Bass Buggy 16XL 2020

     This 18 ft pontoon is stock # 89A020. It is priced at 17333.00


2020 Tracker Topper 1236

We have two of these rivited boats in stock. Stock #'s 52A020 and  53A020. Price is 945.00

2020 Tracker 1754 Grizzly SC

     This nice side console has lots of storage and a 60hp Mercury. Stock # 51I920 Price is17015.00

Tracker Pro 170

This boat has vinyl and a 50ELPT Mercury. Stock # 46H819

Tracker Pro Team 175 TXW

This boat comes in vinyl, with a 60ELPT. Stock # 63K819

2020 War Eagle 754 VS

     This stick steer comes with Linex spray limer, foot trolling motor bracket, running lights, bilge pump, 12 gallon tank, hinged lid, splashwell, stick steer brackets, rod storage, side storage, divided livewell, 4 drink holders, transducer bracket, and two casting chairs. Stock # 36C020

War Eagle 754 LDSV

2020 War Eagle 754 LDSV. This boat is mid deck, livewell in front of the console, and has a bench seat in the back. Stock #720H920

War Eagle 648LDV

2020 War Eagle 648LDV with pod seating, gun box, and tolling motor wires and bracket. Stock #372H920

War Eagle  754 LDSV 

     This boat comes in Shadowgrass with Linex , duck bill with lights, foot trolling motor bracket, running lights, bench seat with storage, 2 fishinfg seats, 2 pole extensions, bilge, built in 16 gal tank, side console with livewell, windshield and Mercury prerig. Stock # 10H920

War Eagle 961 Tomahawk

2020 961 Tomahawk in Max 4 with a 150 Yamaha! Stock #01F920.

War Eagle 750 Gladiator

We have three 2020 750 Gladiators all in bottomland.Stock #'s 87A020, 89A020, 60J920

2018 War Eagle 754LDV

This boat is max 4 camo with pods. Boat comes with foot control trolling motor bracket. Stock #18D818

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